Hack our way to Spain!


The Background

Yetitablet is a finnish startup that makes giant android tablets that are really easy to use, and extremely versatile. That’s because their OS identical to any other Android device, so users don’t need to learn how to use a new software. We also give our customers access to +3M applications on the Play Store, this enables them to use the Yetitablet for hundreds of use cases from healthcare, business, construction, education, and much more.

The Challenge

As a fast growing startup with a great traction in the Nordic market, now it’s time to start our expansion abroad. Our first target is the Spanish market. And what a better way to cut down our learning curve and speed up our expansion, than to crowdsource ideas from fresh entrepreneurial minds?

The Goal

Although a bit inexperienced, you have something that we find as extremely valuable: being young, entrepreneurial and innovative. That’s why we want you to help us develop new strategies, tactics or plain ideas of how we can reshape our company to better suit the local markets. Tell us what you would do as a CEO of Yetitablet, in order to make us successful in Spain.

The Execution

We will split the 38 participants into 4 different tracks that will focus on solving challenges of separate marketing and sales functions. Each track will have a different objective, and you need to devise a strategy in order to reach each objective. Once you are satisfied with how your strategy, think of possible ways (known as tactics) or ideas that would support your strategy and make it successful. Be ready to pitch your ideas at the end of the day. You will have 3 hours in total for this.


The Tracks

Content track

You need to come up with ideas of interesting and relevant content for our target customers. Starting next year we will focus our content creation efforts on video. Therefore, we want to know:

  • What type of video would you create?

  • Will it show brand attitude, educate the customer, or convey product superiority? How?

  • Will they be brand videos, informative or both?

  • Help us develop ideas for a brand video that will convey brand attitude, encapsulate the essence of our brand, and connect with our customers in healthcare, education and business.

The content should be fresh, smart, fun and innovative.

Digital marketing track

Starting next year we will redesign our website and invest more on digital marketing. You need to come up with ideas to drive traffic into our site, and convert those visitors into leads. We want to know what you would do in our shoes:

  • How would you drive traffic from potential buyers to our site?

  • How would you capture their information in case they leave?

  • What would you do with such information and how you would convert them to a lead?

  • What tips & tricks should we deploy on our website to better to gather more leads?

Social media track

With the opening of the new Spanish office, we are creating new social media channels that will be only in Spanish. We’d like to know how you would better reach our customers (healthcare practitioners, teachers, businesspeople).

  • Would your social media efforts be tied to an overall strategy? Which?

  • Which different networks would you use and for which purpose?

  • What type of content would you share? What’s the objective of each of those types of content?

  • How would you automate it?

  • How would you measure your success?

  • How would you improve the overall brand consistency?

Sales track

Imagine you are leading a team of 6 of the best salespeople in your region. Your goal is to dominate a 10% of the market within your first year of operations. This would be impossible to do with just 6 salespeople; no matter how good they are. Therefore, you need to also find potential distributors and resellers who can speed up our growth. We’d like to know:

  • How would penetrate into the healthcare, education and corporate Spanish industry?

  • How you would organize the sales people across verticals/regions to maximize their rate of success and efficiency?

  • What could be an overall sales methodology, strategy and processes to structure your new sales organization?

  • How would you get face to face meetings?

  • How would you lower the barrier to agree on a meeting with you?

  • How would you automate certain stages of your sales process?

For more information about our customers, you can find the user personas at the bottom of the page.


Your Pitch

You and your team will have a maximum of 10 minutes to pitch your ideas to the jury. Try to be concise, and give good arguments for the decisions you’ve made.



13:00 - 13:15 Company presentation of the challenge, our value proposition and guidelines for the hackathon

13:15 - 16:15 Hack!

16:20 - 17:00 Pitching